The Success of a Group by a Team Leader: Tasks and Roles

You will learn the specific tasks and roles that a leader plays in ensuring the success of a group.

Each member of the team looks up to the leader as a role model. The team leader is the one who has been given the responsibility by management Arif Bhalwani Wife to be the nominal or official head of the group. This leader is the person who will direct the team to follow the correct behavior.

One reason why teams don’t come together and start performing well is because the leader of the team continues to make decisions, direct activities and manage the people around them as if they were their traditional superiors – subordinates. This sends the message that the company doesn’t take “team stuff” seriously to other members of the team.

A leader can be a role model by doing these things:

Instead of assuming the answers, look to the team for the right answers.

Don’t blame anyone for something that happens in the team process. Instead, work with them to learn from their mistakes and improve the process so similar breakdowns don’t happen again.

Keep in mind that every player on a team has their own strengths and weaknesses. This will be covered in the next article.

Always be available to help any member of your team.