A Comparison Between Wired and Wireless Type Security Systems

The times and the environment, where we are living today can benefit from enhanced safety and hence there is a need for a security system to be installed in your home.

These days, you can research and invest in many different types of security systems and features. Earlier people used to install the wired type of security system however, these days homeowners prefer to use California wireless alarm systems.

Let us, therefore, compare both these wired and alsowireless security systems by considering the pros and cons of both systems.



  1. Easy to install and reinstall if you are moving
  2. Can easily be modified
  3. Can be accessed from a remote distance
  4. Automation capabilities available
  5. No wiring is involved
  6. Power outage will not make any difference
  7. Many smart features are available


  1. There can be network problemssometimes
  2. Distance limitations
  3. Risk of hacking
  4. Battery may remain discharged at times if not monitored regularly
  5. May tend to be costlier comparatively



  1. Reliable surveillance
  2. Cost-effective maintenance
  3. Perfect system for any large-sized homes
  4. No chance of any kind of hacking
  5. Preferable in a business environment


  1. Too complex installation
  2. Difficult to reinstall in some other location if moving
  3. Vulnerable during any power outage

Now you have seen the plus and minus points of both types of systems and hence it will be easier for you to choose the right system for your home.